Fri 14th May 2021 > Sat 12th Feb 2022

The growers of the Mornington Peninsula have reason to be very happy with what has found its way to tank and barrel this harvest. With good average weight across the north and south and forward flavour combined with strong natural acidity the whites and reds have both provided lovely concentration of flavours and will deliver a regional crush of average volume.


The season leading to harvest gave us favourable fruit set conditions, producing good size uniform bunches. There were a number of larger than usual rain events with more than 10mm occurring at least 10 times in the growing season. Canopies were therefore ample and healthy. The rain events did create moderate disease pressure but as the events were often followed by prolonged periods of mild and dry weather there was little disease occurrence. Some growers experienced late downy mildew, and a small number experienced some botrytis at the end of the harvest period. Powdery mildew was kept well under control through the dangerous spring period and consequently was not an issue for harvested bunches. Light Brown Apple Moth flights were seen in high numbers but there were few blocks effected to any recordable degree. 


Temperatures were generally moderate with higher than average low temperatures but no hot weather spikes for any prolonged period and certainly no heat waves. This meant fire danger was only low to moderate and there were no smoke damage events in the ripening period and no smoke effects in prior 2020 vintage.


The first picking began around a week earlier than long term averages but with the moderate weather during harvest, and the odd rain event, the region meandered through harvest at a gentle pace rather than the rush to pick as experienced in some recent years. With our vibrant fruit and vegetable industry supplied by a long-term local labour population our region found that harvest labour supply was generally minimally affected by COVID-19.  


Tyson Lewis – President MPVA Technical Committee